Gift cards & loyalty


Attracting new customers is a never-ending job. What if there was a way to get existing customers to do that job for you? With our Gift Card and Loyalty Program, it’s never been easier! Gift cards are a great way to get new customers into your store and keep them coming back.

Boost your bottom line with our gift card program:

  • Simple to use, re-loadable gift cards
  • Low set-up costs, no hidden fees
  • Customizable gift card currencies
  • Design your own unique gift cards
  • Track gift card data and generate report


It has been shown that shoppers will visit a business at least twice to spend what’s on a gift card. And 55% of consumers will spend more than the amount available on their gift card.

Finding new customers often involves hard work and added expense. Having a steady stream of repeat customers helps businesses stay ahead of the game. Best of all, people with gift cards are more likely to buy full-priced merchandise rather than sale items.

Put Gift Card Data to Work
Our dashboard provides you with reports to track sales and analyze data quickly.

Say Goodbye to Paper Certificates
Seamlessly integrate digital cards into your existing payment terminal. Easily track gift cards and generate usage reports through a convenient portal.

Go Premium for Greater Features
If your business requires something more custom, our premium offering has a variety of prepaid card options to help you increase revenues!

Stay Ahead of the Game.

There has never been a simpler, faster way to create a uniquely branded gift card for your business. Increase distribution channels and gain new customers. Our Gift Card & Loyalty solutions are a revenue maker you can’t ignore!


Customers who spend more than the amount on their gift card.


Customer who visit a new business because of a gift card.


Customers who need more than one visit to spend the entire gift card.


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