Business coach


Bonafides Coach is an all-in-one data analytics and social media monitoring dashboard. Embedded directly in your account reporting portal, it turns data into actionable business insights.

Weekly professional business tips that work

  • Improve engagement with client segments that drive higher revenue
  • Turn new clients into repeat visitors and maximize potential revenue per visit
  • Access and respond to reviews and social media posts, all from one dashboard
  • See which social media platforms to focus on to boost visibility


Benefit from knowing more about your clients. Get the right information at the right time! Business Coach gives you the insights you needs and tips to boost your bottom line, quickly and easily.

Get New Customers
Compare sales for first-time clients vs. repeat customers to understand purchase trends

Slipping Away
Identifies average time between purchases to notify merchants which customers are in danger of being lost. This allows them to actively engage with those customers before losing them!

Customers who no longer buy are flagged by the system. This powerful data helps merchants target them with promotions to get back their dollars!

Stay ahead of the game.

Our Business Coach all-in-one data analytics and social media monitoring dashboard provide powerful data in an easy to read format to help you take action and save time and money.


Powerful insights allow merchants to easily grow their customer base


Actionable metrics help boost sales with both new and existing customers


Reviews and ratings from the most popular websites, conveniently found in the dashboard


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  • 24/7 Technical Support
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